Revivus: The Summer Event

Southern California's Premiere Christian Music Festival


Chad & Holly Davidson recall how Revivus Ministries started with a couple of prayers and open hearts to what God wanted to do. On their way to the beach for baptisms one Sunday afternoon a stirring of the Spirit happened in their car. A group of them began praying that God would use them in a powerful way to help reach the youth who do not know Christ and to get the kids who have grown up in the church serving God in ministry. When they got to the beach they ran into two other people who wanted to pray with them for this exact same thing. Chad & Holly believe that those prayers led to a stirring of the Spirit in a few other kids in their youth group to ask them a question: “Can we play a concert for the youth?” Those kids who asked were Josh Meyers, Kyler Gentry, Josh Spidel, and Jeremy Palacio who were compelled to ask. Chad & Holly were then compelled to give an answer. They prayed and decided that they would throw a concert and Chad would share his testimony. They passed out flyers around town and invited everyone they could think of (no parents were allowed, though, only youth). The concert drew 70 youth (more than half of which were volunteers) and it was a great time. But the seal of the ministry – confirming that God had begun a good work – was when one young man, who Chad had asked to do security, placed his faith in Christ that evening. Everyone knew that God had begun to do something incredible. From that first event held behind a church with 70 youth, to a giant stage at the park with over 5,000 people, it was truly a matter of not despising our days of small beginnings.

We believe that the testimonies of Chad & Holly are representative of the multi-faceted approach of the ministry. Chad’s testimony aims to reach the young men and women they want to reach with the gospel, and Holly’s aim is to reach the young men and women already in the church that we want to stir up for good works. There are millions of “Chad’s” out there (before he knew Christ) waiting for a “Holly” to share the gospel with them. For every kid getting involved with drugs or alcohol, there is another in the church who has yet to fully commit to serving God. This ministry aims to serve both needs, and thankfully Revivus Ministries has been blessed enough to do it since 2010!

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