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Awesome Story from The Rescue Mission

Posted by on Jan 3, 2016

Awesome Story from The Rescue Mission

The hand drawn picture that you see here is not only amazing because of the artwork, but also because of the person who drew it. The man behind the piece of art is Victor Ortiz. Victor is a wonderful man of God who has recently had Jesus completely transform his life. Victor, like myself, was entangled in the sin of drunkenness, until God got a hold of him. Victor is a part of Ventura County Rescue Mission, which is a Christian based rehab in Southern California. I have been teaching there over the last 9 months and have gotten to know Victor very well. He has even made a 3D version of David and Goliath for my 3 year old. Victor is one of the awesome men who I have had a chance to see transformed through the regeneration and sanctification of the Holy Spirit. Please pray for those in the program and that God will lead others to come and be transformed by the saving power of Jesus Christ!

Chad Davidson
Revivus Ministries