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Revivus 2012 Featured Artists

Seventh Day Slumber is an award-winning Christian rock band with numerous hit songs dating back to their debut CD, “Picking Up the Pieces” (2003). Their second CD, “Once Upon a Shattered Life” (2005) featured the hit song “Caroline” which remained at #1 on Christian rock stations for 10 weeks. Their third CD, “Finally Awake” (2007) featured the hit song “Missing Pages” which reached the Top 10 on Christian rock radio and was the #1 most requested video on TV-U. In 2009 Seventh Day Slumber released their critically acclaimed praise & worship CD, “Take Everything,” which featured the title track “Take Everything” and “From The Inside Out,” both of which still receive major radio play. The P&W CD “Take Everything” also reached the Top 10 on iTunes. Their current CD release, “The Anthem of Angels,” is the latest in a string of critically acclaimed CDs and is keeping Seventh Day Slumber as one of the most requested bands on radio and in concert.

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Featuring Special Guests…

The Beautiful Refrain released their debut EP Redemption:Daylight on March 17, 2012, and the band is preparing to share their songs about faith, doubt, and new life. The Beautiful Refrain was discovered by Mosaic Artistry Group after producer Blake Easter saw the group perform at Band with a Mission. “We instantly wanted to work with The Beautiful Refrain after experiencing their extraordinary songwriting abilities and natural stage presence,” explains TJ Rogers. “We came up with the name The Beautiful Refrain because our desire is for our lives to be lived in such a way that Jesus would be glorified in everything we do,” explains TBR band member Cameron Gwaltney. “Whether it relates to us collectively as a band, or individually in our work or with families and friends; we want our lives to be this constant chorus (or refrain) of praise to the Lord. We want the way we live to be pleasing to Jesus. So that’s where the name came from, from our hope that this music would be a beautiful refrain to the Lord.”

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Blank Pages songs such as “Always” and “Guide You” share personal testimonies within the lyrics about how God has worked in the lives of Jacob Rush and Daniel Deputy, who both sing and play the guitar in Blank Pages. Other songs, such as “Everything and More,” “Motivation,” “Reach for the Stars,” and “Cross That Line” encourage others in various ways to live a life that God had intended for. The songs also tell others not to believe the lies of the world. David Deputy, drummer for Blank Pages, stated, “Our ultimate goal as a band is to reach out to people who do not have a personal relationship with God and show them that He offers a love far greater than any other.”

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