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Revivus 2015 Featured Artists

This was our Sixth Year holding The Summer Event and we were excited to feature COLTON DIXON & PHIL WICKHAM to the Revivus Stage! 2015 was our largest event yet! #revivus #revivus2015 #iloverevivus #ivebeenrevived


Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon’s 2013 debut, A Messenger, set the record for biggest first-week sales by a new solo Christian act, becoming the No. 1 selling album of 2013 by a new Christian artist and the No. 9 best selling album of 2013 in the Christian genre overall. A Messenger also became the No. 22 best- selling album across all genres that same year, while Dixon was still reeling from his highly publicized seventh place finish on Season 11 of American Idol.

Awards and accolades followed. Colton received three Dove Award nominations, winning for Best Contemporary/Rock Album, and he was nominated for Male Artist of the Year at the 2014 KLOVE Fan Awards. Colton also racked up two No. 1 radio singles in 2013 and toured with Third Day, TobyMac and Josh Wilson. And he was recently named an Official Steinway Artist by the legendary piano maker.

It was a dream debut, but Idol fame can be fleeting without a strong foundation and a solid sense of who you are as an artist and a person. Fortunately, as Colton Dixon readies his sophomore project, Anchor (August 19, 19 Recordings/Capitol CMG), he’s as grounded as ever, with his feet planted firmly in faith and family and a clear idea of where he’s headed artistically.

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Phil Wickham

Phil Wickham remembers the first time his father heard him play a song he’d written.  He wasn’t looking for an audience, but it nevertheless caught the attention of his father—a worship pastor in their San Diego church. “That’s actually a good worship song,” Phil remembers his father telling him. “Can I play that in our sanctuary?” It was the first worship song Phil ever wrote. It would not be the last.  
In the ten years and nine records since Phil recorded his first worship album, whatever his father noticed has caught the attention of the world at large. Wickham has a passion for using music to create a community—a place where hearts and minds are inclined as one.  
“There is nothing that brings the church together like worship music,” he says. “Not only are we all singing the same truth, we’re singing the same notes. Not only the same notes, but the same rhythm. To be one of the writers who gets to create songs that are used in a corporate setting where people thinking on the same truth and worshiping the same God and clapping to the same beat—it’s a beautiful moment.”  
And Phil’s new album, The Ascension, is full of such beautiful moments. Though the title calls to mind bodies gently levitating towards the stars, Phil says the inspiration was much more grounded.

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John Stratton

John Stratton is a SoCal based singer songwriter and worship leader, currently serving as the worship pastor at The Highlands in Palmdale. He writes songs of love, hope and relationship with the goal to bring people together in unity. His ultimate goal as a songwriter is to make room for people to have an encounter with the presence of God through his songs in their everyday lives. He has recently released “We’ve Only Just Begun,” an album full of “life songs” to walk with the listener through their unique journey. You can find more out about John at his website

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The Coat & Colors

Since they officially formed in late November of 2013, dozens of churches and festivals have experienced the integrated and roaring sound that is The Coat & Colors. The California band has over 35,000 views on Youtube, plus another 21,000 views on GodTube. Their debut EP was released in September of 2014 and has sold a few thousand copies. It can be found anywhere from iTunes to Spotify, and Pandora. They have had the privilege of opening for bands such as Urban Rescue, For All Seasons, and Dirty Rice as well as headlining numerous sold out shows themselves. The band is composed of worship leaders from numerous churches in Ventura County. They strive to express the beauty of God through the demonstration of their music, to reflect His beauty with the beauty of their music as best as possible. Lead vocalist and songwriter, Jacob Wood, with guitarist, Jordan Young established the band. Soon after they brought in the talent of Kevin VanOurkerk on drums, and Hunter VanDam on bass to hold down the tightest rhythm section this side of the Mississippi. Lew Soratorio quickly found his niche on the team with his harmonies, lead vocals and writing. James Dorward joined soon after, offering his talent on the guitar and keys. Katie Harvey plays the fiddle with the team. The elegant vocal that is Renee Liska finishes out the line up. 

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Emmaus Road

Emmaus Road combine contemporary rock/pop and worship music with melodic vocal harmonies. But more importantly than the appeal of their music, brothers Dean & Tony Palacio, and drummer Robbie Destocki, long for something life changing in the music shared with their audience. Musically, Emmaus Road draw from a diversity of influences that span back to their days before knowing Christ as Lord and Savior. They bring their diversities all together to create a truly appealing and catchy sound. “I wouldn’t say we fit into any certain musical box,” says Palacio, “we persue various styles, but it’s definitely contemporary, worshipful, and features a lot of vocal harmonies. But I think our diversity is our strength.” Strong melodic vocals, backed by drums- and guitar-driven music, written from a straight-forward approach. “Nothing fantastically intricate,” Palacio explains. Which is very fitting when you listen to their no-nonsense style. However simple, though, there’s no mistaking their unique sound. You’re hooked in right away.

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Josh Meyers

Josh Meyers is a musician who desires to advance God’s Kingdom in a powerful way.

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Approximate Schedule of Entertainment (times subject to change):

2:00PM Event Gates Open
3:00PM The Josh Meyers Band
3:30PM Emmaus Road
4:15PM The Coat & Colors
4:30PM VIP Meet & Greet with Phil Wickham
5:00PM John Stratton
5:00PM VIP Meet & Greet with Colton Dixon
6:00PM Phil Wickham
7:15PM Colton Dixon
10:00PM Event Close


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