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Bands 2016

Tenth Avenue North

Spreading truth and leading people to life is exactly what the members of Tenth Avenue North have been doing since launching the band during their college days in West Palm Beach, Florida. The group made its national debut in 2008 on Reunion Records with Over and Underneath, which spawned the hits “Love is Here,” “By Your Side” and “Hold My Heart.” Tenth Avenue North won the Gospel Music Association Dove Award in 2009 for New Artist of the Year and in 2010 “By Your Side” was named Song of the Year. The band gained further momentum with 2010’s The Light Meets the Dark and The Struggle in 2012 which continued to populate radio and the church with such memorable songs as “Healing Begins,” “You Are More,” “Losing” and “Worn.” Donehey, drummer Jason Jamison, bassist Ruben Juarez, keyboardist Brendon Shirley and guitarist Jeff Owen have forged a unique sound that has made them one of Christian music’s most successful young bands. But for Tenth Avenue North, it’s never been about awards and industry accolades, but about reaching people with the truth.

The Dove Award-winning band’s fourth studio album, aptly titled Cathedrals, is a collection of well-crafted songs that inspire community, encourage accountability and celebrate the fact we are not alone. “So many of us live in isolation and we really don't have to,” says lead vocalist Mike Donehey. “So the idea is: ‘Hey get in the boat with us, sail by the stars of God’s promises and reach the shore of community.’ We realize that when we start to live together, we become the cathedrals on earth. We are the place where the sprit resides. It no longer dwells in buildings but in each of us.”

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The Coat & Colors

The Coat and Colors are an alternative Christian band that formed in late November of 2013. The band is composed of 7 members (in order of membership): Jacob Wood (lead vocalist and acoustic guitar), Jordan Young (lead guitarist), Kevin VanOuerkerk (drums), Hunter Van Dam (bass), Lew Soratorio (harmony & lead vocalist), James Dorward (guitarist and keyboards), and Renee Liska (vocalist). With Southern California as their home base, the band has already been able to perform at dozens of churches and multiple festivals. They've accumulated over 57,000 views on their YouTube channel, and another 33,000 views on GodTube. They released their debut EP in September of 2014, which has already sold thousands of copies. The band has opened for notable bands and artists such as Urban Rescue, For All Seasons, Dirty Rice, Phil Wickham, and Colton Dixon. They've also had the opportunity to headline numerous sold out shows themselves. As worship leaders from a variety of churches in Ventura County, The Coat & Colors strive to express and reflect the beauty of God through their music.

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Band Contest Winner: Theanthropos

Congratulations to the winner of our 2nd annual band contest: THEANTHROPOS!

Theanthropos (now known as The Young Escape) are a group of brothers and sisters (ages 19 all the way down to 12!) who play high-energy upbeat Christian concerts, as well as deep and meaningful worship. Their recent 15-song debut album, “Enter Theanthropos,” reached as high as #44 on the Christian charts. They have a substantial social media following, and an active touring itinerary.

In their own words:
We were inspired by Spirit West Coast at a young age when our parents took us to Monterey and Del Mar to see our favorite bands each year. We dreamed of forming our own band ever since we saw our first concert. We’d come home inspired after each event and tried everything we could to get our band started, slowly making progress, but not reaching the point where we could actually put songs together. Then, one day in 2010, we came home to find that our entire house had flooded. Our instruments were destroyed, and our hopes of getting our band off the ground were dashed. By God’s grace, just a few months later, we were able to replace our damaged equipment with brand new instruments, and He also gave us a brand new room in our house that now serves as our recording studio. We decided to use these gifts to worship Him through a praise and worship band that we called THEANTHROPOS Worship.

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Blank Pages

In 2006, some friends in middle school wanted to start a band. They dreamed of performing concerts and making records. One Sunday morning before church began, they flipped to the very end of the Bible and noticed that the pages were blank. At that moment, they decided they wanted to name their band “Blank Pages.” As they made their way through high school, they decided they didn’t want to be a typical band. They wanted to share their Christian faith and encourage others with positive and uplifting music. They wanted to create music that their peers could relate to. A lot has changed with the band since 2006. Those kids have become adults. The band members have changed. The band has grown spiritually, musically, and professionally. Many obstacles have been thrown in the way. But through the years, the focus has remained on God. A deeper meaning for the band name “Blank Pages” was later put into place. Daniel Deputy says “Everybody has pages in their lives that are yet to be written. We want to let them know that they have a future and that they have hope, no matter what happens. God is capable of filling those blank pages.”

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Kyler Aaron

Kyler Aaron is a 21 year old worship leader who hails from Simi Valley, CA. Kyler has been songwriting since he was 16. His main inspiration is his relationship with God and the people he cares about. Kyler believes his songs have been given as a gift from God to strengthen and deepen the relationship that he has with Him. It is Kyler's hope that by sharing his songs others will be encouraged as well!

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