Revivus: The Summer Event

Southern California's Premiere Christian Music Festival

Bring Your Easy-Ups to Revivus This Year!

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018

Bring Your Easy-Ups to Revivus This Year!

FORGET THE RULES! BRING YOUR EASY-UP STYLE CANOPIES TO REVIVUS: THE SUMMER EVENT! It’s just way too darn hot for this rule this year, so we’re telling everyone to bring a canopy if they’d like. We know our rules originally stated “no easy-up style canopies,” but SERIOUSLY??? So we ditched that rule this year so you can shade up under a canopy (no really, go check it out, we changed our FAQs). As long as your canopy doesn’t block people’s view behind you (eg. no siding on your canopy), it will be okay. We look forward to seeing you at Revivus: The Summer Event!