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Posted by on Jul 20, 2013

Article-EDC-Show-in-VegasA few of us from the Revivus team recently took a trip to Las Vegas to share with those attending the Electric Daisy Carnival. So what was sharing the gospel like at The Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas?

10:00a.m.-3:00p.m. Drove to Las Vegas.

3:00p.m.- 5:00p.m. Checked in to hotel room,  unpacked, and ate.

5:00p.m. -12:00a.m. Witness, film, pass out “When Ecstasy Turns to Misery” pamphlet. 

12:00a.m.-2:00a.m. Go back to hotel to sleep a few hours.

2:00a.m.-6:00a.m. Drive back to EDC, pass out more pamphlets, try to talk to depressing people who don’t want to talk to you.

Then drive 5 hours home. Whew! That was crazy. Now let me fill you in on the in-between stuff…

When you first drive up to EDC, the first thing you will notice is that there is a TON of people there. I mean, the parking lot was filling up fast and we were there an hour before it started. You see a lot of bright lights, a lot of people dressed in what some might call “clothing,” others might call it lingerie, others diapers (yes, we actually saw people wearing diapers, and not the playful, giant cotton ones you see on Halloween, but the ones that old people wear when they can no longer make it to the bathroom. I know: GROSS!) Sadly enough you see a lot of playful references to the drug ecstasy being called by its street name, “Molly.” For instance, t-shirts that say “Molly is my homegirl” or cars with the question, “Have You Seen Molly?” written on them right next to “Follow Me to EDC.” So, as you would expect, the crowd coming in was quite different, and also quite under the influence. We even interviewed a couple of guys that offered to give a sixteen-year-old Acid while we were interviewing his friend. We had some really good interviews with some of the attendees, some of them very honest about their drug use, while others shied away once the camera was in sight. You will soon be seeing video clips of our experience at EDC on our web site. This will a part of our new series, “Every Thought Captive,” and you will get to see just what some of the rave enthusiasts had to say about what they were about to experience. What might have been the most awesome thing God did was that we were able to hand out 2500 pamphlets on the drug ecstasy, and warn its users of it, while also sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with those who read it. We have these pamphlets readily available here or you can get them on If you guys have any questions, or want to know about when we will be going out again to share at the next rave, please contact us at info[at]revivus[dot]org. God bless!